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223 -- 0.3 David Burnette 8 April 2021 Added read-back of clk/transfer size
-- as well as a debug tag to confirm
-- read operation
davidgb 897d 13h /System09/
222 Added SPI master to project. Pick up Atlys rom davidgb 897d 13h /System09/
221 Completed Atlys option davidgb 897d 13h /System09/
220 checkin davidgb 897d 13h /System09/
219 back out last change davidgb 897d 19h /System09/
218 Added ROM variation for Digilent Atlys board davidgb 897d 19h /System09/
217 Extended debug sw to show keyboard data. PS/2 keyboard now works on USB HID (you must use a PS/2 keyboard + PS/2-to-USB dongle for it to work). davidgb 900d 17h /System09/
216 Get rid of warning about unconnected CLK0 pin davidgb 900d 17h /System09/
215 Update project after switching to xilinx block ram davidgb 900d 20h /System09/
214 Switch to Xilinx block ram davidgb 900d 20h /System09/
213 updated project file davidgb 900d 20h /System09/
212 Switched from VGA output to HDMI output. davidgb 900d 20h /System09/
211 New version of VDU8 that has HDMI output. Still needs work refactoring clock signals. davidgb 900d 20h /System09/
210 Check in code fragment implementing HDMI/TMDS encoding.
Derived from HDMI_test.v (c) & KNJN LLC 2013
davidgb 900d 20h /System09/
209 Started adding in keyboard (not tested).
Added in green-only VGA output thru Pmod port to PmodVGA J2 port.
Started working on HDMI output
davidgb 900d 22h /System09/
208 swapped 32k and 16k ram to use block_spram. davidgb 944d 23h /System09/
207 Updated design to pick up vdu8_spram (which uses parameterized ram for video memory instead of hard macros) davidgb 945d 00h /System09/
206 Update comment/cleanup davidgb 945d 00h /System09/
205 A new version of VDU8 that uses the parameterized xilinx ram "block_spram" for the video memory. davidgb 945d 00h /System09/
204 patched up ram for zybo use davidgb 945d 00h /System09/

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