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66 New directory structure. root 5586d 11h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
58 Started development of minimal base system davidgb 5911d 02h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
57 new platform Memec Insight Virtex2 board davidgb 5911d 22h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
56 new platform Xilinx ML506 board davidgb 5911d 22h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
55 adding Memec XC2V1000 board davidgb 5916d 23h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
54 adding Memec XC2V1000 board davidgb 5916d 23h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
53 Added download to flash slot 0 davidgb 5917d 16h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
52 more dependencies davidgb 5917d 16h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
51 Ignore derived files davidgb 5918d 03h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
50 Ignore derived files davidgb 5918d 03h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
49 Ignore derived files davidgb 5918d 03h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
39 fixed impact dependency davidgb 5921d 17h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
38 fixed impact dependency davidgb 5921d 18h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
37 fixed impact dependency davidgb 5921d 19h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
35 checkin davidgb 5922d 04h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
34 checkin davidgb 5922d 05h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
33 Added makefiles to Digilent 3S500E davidgb 5922d 05h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
32 Added makefiles to Digilent 3S200 davidgb 5922d 05h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
30 Added creation of xilinx tmpdirs davidgb 5922d 23h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/
29 Renamed top entity from My_System09 to my_system09.
Created ISE 8.2i compatible file my_system09.ise.
Added initial versions of my_system09.prj,.xst,.ut such that the
makefile can be run without first running ISE.
davidgb 5922d 23h /System09/branches/mkfiles_rev1/rtl/

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