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187 Partially works. Garbage on the ACIA due to baud clock problems. davidgb 1219d 09h /System09/trunk/
186 Somewhat functional boot to SBUG. ACIA freq is wrong but sometimes works if hyperterm set to 115kBps davidgb 1219d 12h /System09/trunk/
185 Reverted back to the single-step version - something was broken davidgb 1219d 13h /System09/trunk/
184 update files to correctly produce flex9ram.vhd davidgb 1219d 13h /System09/trunk/
183 update file extensions davidgb 1219d 13h /System09/trunk/
182 Add a copy of the derived ROM contents so that you can go directly to ISE GUI without having to 'make roms' davidgb 1219d 13h /System09/trunk/
181 Add a copy of the derived ROM contents so that you can go directly to ISE GUI without having to 'make roms' davidgb 1219d 13h /System09/trunk/
180 removed xdc file since ISE 14.7 does not support XDC davidgb 1219d 14h /System09/trunk/
179 Zybo port done to the same point as the Atlys port. The hardware appears to work but the ACIA is not communicating properly. davidgb 1219d 14h /System09/trunk/
178 work on constraints file davidgb 1220d 02h /System09/trunk/
177 work on zybo port davidgb 1220d 02h /System09/trunk/
176 Don't delete system09_impact.cmd on 'clean' davidgb 1220d 04h /System09/trunk/
175 Corrected RS-232 pin connections. Cleaned up code. Removed debug code.
System boots but the baud clock must be wrong - get garbage on hyperterm.
davidgb 1220d 04h /System09/trunk/
174 Added button debounce. Single-step button. multiplex LED to show nibbles of addr and data for debug. Confirmed that CPU is reading from sys09swt.vhd SBug ROM correctly. Still need to debug ACIA output. davidgb 1220d 07h /System09/trunk/
173 Add another 16k BRAM for 56K total memory davidgb 1222d 02h /System09/trunk/
172 Add 16k RAM davidgb 1222d 02h /System09/trunk/
171 remove old Xess files davidgb 1222d 08h /System09/trunk/
170 More debugging. Can now see cpu_addr incrementing correctly.
Added 32k BRAM 0000-7FFF.
davidgb 1222d 08h /System09/trunk/
169 Fixed clock connection and reset button polarity. Debug LED counting and cpu_clk now indicates some activity. davidgb 1222d 14h /System09/trunk/
168 Added more pinloc info. Switched RS-232 to use PMOD connector for more h/w debug visibility. davidgb 1222d 14h /System09/trunk/
167 Update MAP_FLAGS for z20. Update UCF to have Pmod JC for the RS-232 Pmod davidgb 1223d 03h /System09/trunk/
166 hack some pin locs. davidgb 1223d 03h /System09/trunk/
165 initial checkin for zybo z20. Still need to fix ucf file. davidgb 1223d 03h /System09/trunk/
164 work on impact support davidgb 1223d 03h /System09/trunk/
163 more directory cleanup davidgb 1223d 03h /System09/trunk/
162 stripped down to most basic system (no vdu, keyboard, sdram, ide, etc). davidgb 1223d 03h /System09/trunk/
161 more work on makefile for atlys davidgb 1223d 08h /System09/trunk/
160 impact command file for atlys davidgb 1223d 08h /System09/trunk/
159 remove Xess tool references. davidgb 1223d 08h /System09/trunk/
158 switch to stock SWT boot rom and flex9ram davidgb 1223d 08h /System09/trunk/

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