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45 Fix use before declaration (fails on older ISE variants). ultra_embedded 2345d 20h /altor32/trunk/
44 Add single step support ultra_embedded 2394d 00h /altor32/trunk/
43 Add GDB stub ultra_embedded 2394d 04h /altor32/trunk/
42 - Add some basic drivers ultra_embedded 2408d 03h /altor32/trunk/
41 - Add some documentation ultra_embedded 2408d 03h /altor32/trunk/
40 - Add support for 2 way instruction cache (not yet enabled)
- Bug fixes and tidy up
ultra_embedded 2408d 03h /altor32/trunk/
39 Bug fix interrupt handling after last update. ultra_embedded 2412d 23h /altor32/trunk/
38 - Add icarus sim to makefile ultra_embedded 2422d 08h /altor32/trunk/
37 - Add icarus sim test
- Adopt consistent naming scheme
- Simplify instruction cache
ultra_embedded 2422d 08h /altor32/trunk/
36 Various performance improvements and bug fixes. ultra_embedded 2427d 21h /altor32/trunk/
35 Add or1knd-elf built for x86_64 linux. ultra_embedded 2451d 05h /altor32/trunk/
34 Add cutdown non-pipelined version of core. ultra_embedded 2451d 06h /altor32/trunk/
33 Bug fixes for instruction simulator. ultra_embedded 2521d 01h /altor32/trunk/
32 Switch memory interfaces to Wishbone (pipelined).
Various bug fixes and improvements.
ultra_embedded 2521d 01h /altor32/trunk/
31 Improvements to the execute stage logic. ultra_embedded 2541d 01h /altor32/trunk/
30 Fix verilog issues which break in XST. ultra_embedded 2625d 04h /altor32/trunk/
29 Added top level makefile ultra_embedded 2625d 07h /altor32/trunk/
28 Added instruction set simulator ultra_embedded 2625d 07h /altor32/trunk/
27 Initial drop of AltOR32 v2 ultra_embedded 2626d 00h /altor32/trunk/
26 Prepare for new release ultra_embedded 2626d 01h /altor32/trunk/

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