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161 New directory structure. root 5523d 16h /can/trunk/
160 New tests for testing the bus-off. igorm 6572d 22h /trunk/
159 *** empty log message *** igorm 6860d 23h /trunk/
158 Fixing overrun problems. igorm 6861d 01h /trunk/
157 In "Extended mode" when dual filter was used and standard frame received,
upper nibble of the data was not filtered ok.
igorm 6954d 22h /trunk/
156 Wake-up interrupt was generated in some cases. igorm 6975d 20h /trunk/
155 rd_info_pointer fixed (fifo_empty was used instead of info_empty). igorm 6984d 03h /trunk/
154 irq is cleared after the release_buffer command. This bug was entered with
changes for the edge triggered interrupts.
igorm 7083d 20h /trunk/
153 Arbitration capture register changed. SW reset (setting the reset_mode bit)
doesn't work as HW reset.
igorm 7091d 16h /trunk/
152 Fixes for compatibility after the SW reset. igorm 7095d 23h /trunk/
151 When CAN was reset by setting the reset_mode signal in mode register, it
was possible that CAN was blocked for a short period of time. Problem
occured very rarly.
igorm 7098d 17h /trunk/
149 Fixed synchronization problem in real hardware when 0xf is used for TSEG1. igorm 7117d 17h /trunk/
147 Interrupt is always cleared for one clock after the irq register is read.
This fixes problems when CPU is using IRQs that are edge triggered.
igorm 7120d 00h /trunk/
145 Arbitration bug fixed. igorm 7120d 05h /trunk/
143 Bit acceptance_filter_mode was inverted. igorm 7266d 21h /trunk/
141 Core improved to pass all tests with the Bosch VHDL Reference system. igorm 7285d 19h /trunk/
140 I forgot to thange one signal name. igorm 7340d 18h /trunk/
139 Signal bus_off_on added. igorm 7340d 18h /trunk/
138 Header changed. Address latched to posedge. bus_off_on signal added. mohor 7379d 21h /trunk/
137 Header changed. mohor 7379d 21h /trunk/

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