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283 RxBDAddress was updated also when value to r_TxBDNum was written with
greater value than allowed.
mohor 6200d 21h /
282 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'rel_16'. 6277d 21h /
281 Tests test_mac_full_duplex_receive 4-7 fixed to proper BD. mohor 6277d 21h /
280 Reset has priority in some flipflops. mohor 6278d 23h /
279 Underrun test fixed. Many other tests fixed. mohor 6279d 00h /
278 A new bug (entered with previous update) fixed. When abort occured sometimes
data transmission was blocked.
mohor 6279d 00h /
277 When padding was enabled and crc disabled, frame was not ended correctly. mohor 6279d 00h /
276 Defer indication changed. tadejm 6279d 00h /
275 Fix MTxErr or prevent sending too big frames. mohor 6286d 04h /
274 Backup version. Not fully working. tadejm 6286d 18h /
273 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'rel_15'. 6287d 00h /
272 When control packets were received, they were ignored in some cases. tadejm 6287d 00h /
271 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'rel_14'. 6288d 01h /
270 When receiving normal data frame and RxFlow control was switched on, RXB
interrupt was not set.
mohor 6288d 01h /
269 When in full duplex, transmit was sometimes blocked. Fixed. mohor 6289d 01h /
268 Release 1.19. Control frame description changed. mohor 6342d 19h /
267 Full duplex control frames tested. mohor 6342d 21h /
266 Flow control test almost finished. mohor 6347d 20h /
265 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'rel_13'. 6348d 00h /
264 Registers RxStatusWrite_rck and RxStatusWriteLatched were not used
anywhere. Removed.
mohor 6348d 00h /
263 test_mac_full_duplex_flow_control tests pretty much finished.
FRM. AT 4 TX BD ( 10Mbps ) finished.
TURNED OFF AT ONE RX BD ( 10Mbps ) finished.
mohor 6348d 11h /
262 Version 1.18 released.
MIIMRST (Reset of the MIIM module) not used any more in the MIIMODER
register. Control Frame bit (CF) added to the RX buffer descriptor. Control
frame detection section updated.
mohor 6348d 11h /
261 Rx Flow control fixed. CF flag added to the RX buffer descriptor. RxAbort
mohor 6348d 12h /
260 test_mac_full_duplex_flow test 0 finished. Sending the control (PAUSE) frame
mohor 6349d 00h /
259 In loopback rx_clk is not looped back. Possible CRC error. Consider if usage
of additional logic is necessery (FIFO for looping the data).
mohor 6349d 13h /
258 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'rel_12'. 6349d 13h /
257 When TxUsedData and CtrlMux occur at the same time, byte counter needs
to be incremented by 2. Signal IncrementByteCntBy2 added for that reason.
mohor 6349d 13h /
256 TxDone and TxAbort changed so they're not propagated to the wishbone
module when control frame is transmitted.
mohor 6349d 13h /
255 TPauseRq synchronized to tx_clk. mohor 6349d 13h /
254 Temp version. mohor 6350d 17h /

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