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338 root 5409d 02h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
335 New directory structure. root 5466d 08h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
151 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'rel_4'. 7843d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
150 Debug registers reg1, 2, 3, 4 connected. Synchronization of many signals
changed (bugs fixed). Access to un-alligned buffers fixed. RxAbort signal
was not used OK.
mohor 7843d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
149 Signals related to the control frames connected. Debug registers reg1, 2, 3, 4
mohor 7843d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
148 Bug when last byte of destination address was not checked fixed. mohor 7843d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
147 ETH_TXCTRL and ETH_RXCTRL registers added. Interrupts related to
the control frames connected.
mohor 7843d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
146 CarrierSenseLost status is not set when working in loopback mode. mohor 7843d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
145 Defines for control registers added (ETH_TXCTRL and ETH_RXCTRL). mohor 7843d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
143 Only values smaller or equal to 0x80 can be written to TX_BD_NUM register.
r_TxEn and r_RxEn depend on the limit values of the TX_BD_NUMOut.
mohor 7860d 02h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
141 Syntax error fixed. mohor 7862d 19h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
140 Syntax error fixed. mohor 7862d 19h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
139 Synchronous reset added to all registers. Defines used for width. r_MiiMRst
changed from bit position 10 to 9.
mohor 7862d 19h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
138 Synchronous reset added. mohor 7862d 19h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
137 Defines for register width added. mii_rst signal in MIIMODER register
mohor 7862d 19h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
136 Parameter ResetValue changed to capital letters. mohor 7863d 05h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
135 New revision. External DMA removed, TX_BD_NUM changed. mohor 7864d 21h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
134 Register TX_BD_NUM is changed so it contains value of the Tx buffer descriptors. No
need to multiply or devide any more.
mohor 7864d 22h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
133 - Busy signal was not set on time when scan status operation was performed
and clock was divided with more than 2.
- Nvalid remains valid two more clocks (was previously cleared too soon).
mohor 7864d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/
132 LinkFailRegister is reflecting the status of the PHY's link fail status bit. mohor 7864d 23h /ethmac/tags/rel_4/

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