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319 Latest Ethernet IP core testbench. tadejm 7334d 03h /ethmac/trunk/
318 Latest Ethernet IP core testbench. tadejm 7334d 03h /ethmac/trunk/
317 Multicast detection fixed. Only the LSB of the first byte is checked. igorm 7343d 10h /ethmac/trunk/
315 Updated testbench. Some more testcases, some repaired. tadejm 7446d 06h /ethmac/trunk/
312 Corrected address mismatch for xilinx RAMB4_S8 model which has wider address than RAMB4_S16. tadejm 7446d 06h /ethmac/trunk/
311 Update script for running different file list files for different RAM models. tadejm 7446d 06h /ethmac/trunk/
310 More signals. tadejm 7446d 06h /ethmac/trunk/
309 Update file list files for different RAM models with byte select accessing. tadejm 7446d 06h /ethmac/trunk/
308 Moved RAM model file path from sim_file_list.lst to this file. tadejm 7446d 06h /ethmac/trunk/
306 Lapsus fixed (!we -> ~we). simons 7447d 04h /ethmac/trunk/
304 WISHBONE slave changed and tested from only 32-bit accesss to byte access. tadejm 7469d 01h /ethmac/trunk/
302 mbist signals updated according to newest convention markom 7495d 11h /ethmac/trunk/
301 Update RxEnSync only when mrxdv_pad_i is inactive (LOW). knguyen 7506d 03h /ethmac/trunk/
299 Artisan RAMs added. mohor 7553d 07h /ethmac/trunk/
297 Artisan ram instance added. simons 7559d 02h /ethmac/trunk/
295 Few minor changes. tadejm 7560d 05h /ethmac/trunk/
294 Added path to a file with distributed RAM instances for xilinx. tadejm 7562d 06h /ethmac/trunk/
293 initial. tadejm 7586d 03h /ethmac/trunk/
292 Corrected mistake. tadejm 7586d 03h /ethmac/trunk/
291 initial tadejm 7586d 04h /ethmac/trunk/
290 Additional checking for FAILED tests added - for ATS. tadejm 7586d 05h /ethmac/trunk/
288 This file was not part of the RTL before, but it should be here. simons 7595d 04h /ethmac/trunk/
286 Define file in eth_cop.v is changed to eth_defines.v. Some defines were
moved from tb_eth_defines.v to eth_defines.v.
mohor 7621d 07h /ethmac/trunk/
285 Binary operator used instead of unary (xnor). mohor 7621d 08h /ethmac/trunk/
284 Busy was set 2 cycles too late. Reported by Dennis Scott. mohor 7649d 09h /ethmac/trunk/
283 RxBDAddress was updated also when value to r_TxBDNum was written with
greater value than allowed.
mohor 7677d 03h /ethmac/trunk/
281 Tests test_mac_full_duplex_receive 4-7 fixed to proper BD. mohor 7754d 03h /ethmac/trunk/
280 Reset has priority in some flipflops. mohor 7755d 04h /ethmac/trunk/
279 Underrun test fixed. Many other tests fixed. mohor 7755d 05h /ethmac/trunk/
278 A new bug (entered with previous update) fixed. When abort occured sometimes
data transmission was blocked.
mohor 7755d 05h /ethmac/trunk/

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