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50 checks destination address for Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast ops billditt 8165d 07h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
48 RxOverRun added to statuses. mohor 8167d 09h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
47 HASH0 and HASH1 registers added. Registers address width was
changed to 8 bits.
mohor 8167d 09h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
46 HASH0 and HASH1 registers added. mohor 8167d 09h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
43 Tx status is written back to the BD. mohor 8168d 17h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
42 Rx status is written back to the BD. mohor 8171d 10h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
41 non-DMA host interface added. Select the right configutation in eth_defines. mohor 8173d 12h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
40 Both rx and tx part are finished. Tested with wb_clk_i between 10 and 200
MHz. Statuses, overrun, control frame transmission and reception still need
to be fixed.
mohor 8174d 09h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
39 Tx part finished. TxStatus needs to be fixed. Pause request needs to be
mohor 8178d 13h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
38 Initial version. Equals to eth_wishbonedma.v at this moment. mohor 8187d 15h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
37 Link in the header changed. mohor 8187d 16h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
34 RX_BD_NUM changed to TX_BD_NUM (holds number of TX descriptors
instead of the number of RX descriptors).
mohor 8236d 11h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
33 ETH_RX_BD_ADR register deleted. ETH_RX_BD_NUM is used instead. mohor 8236d 15h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
32 ETH_RX_BD_ADR register deleted. ETH_RX_BD_NUM is used instead. mohor 8236d 16h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
29 Generic memory model is used. Defines are changed for the same reason. mohor 8258d 12h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
24 Log file added. mohor 8283d 15h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
23 Number of addresses (wb_adr_i) minimized. mohor 8283d 15h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
22 eth_timescale.v changed to timescale.v This is done because of the
simulation of the few cores in a one joined project.
mohor 8283d 17h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
21 Status signals changed, Adress decoding changed, interrupt controller
mohor 8284d 14h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/
20 Defines changed (All precede with ETH_). Small changes because some
tools generate warnings when two operands are together. Synchronization
between two clocks domains in eth_wishbonedma.v is changed (due to ASIC
mohor 8308d 11h /ethmac/trunk/rtl/

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