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85 Moved all files common th the De-1 board demos to a new directory ja_rd 4447d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
84 Added readme file to the 4kbasic code directory. ja_rd 4447d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
83 4kbasic demo code deleted from old directory ja_rd 4447d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
82 VHDL demo code reorganized: moved 4kbasic demo to new directory ja_rd 4447d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
80 Improved usability of SoC (memory size calculation)
Added comments to SoC code.
Fixed starter kit board simulation test bench, added uart loopback
ja_rd 4447d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
79 DAA logic fixed and simplified ja_rd 4447d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
78 Fixed a number of errors in the last refactor of the VHDL side of the project:
- Path errors in the simulation scripts.
- The reset pin in the C2SB mini-test-bench was not being driven.
- The main vhdl test bench file was missing entirely.

All of these errors due to not properly verifying the commit...
ja_rd 4453d 03h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
77 Fixed a few mistakes in the last code reorganization.
Mostly bad paths but also a broken comment in the UART source...
ja_rd 4454d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
70 Added new VHDL SoC for demonstration purposes ja_rd 4464d 09h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
64 BUG FIX: Flags CY and AC were not clear by logic instructions
Added new flag to microcode: clr_acy
Used new flag to clear AC and CY flags unconditonally
Modified microcode for XR*, OR* and AN* to use new flag
Modified microcode assembler to support new flag
Addex explaination of new flag to documentation
Old fix that worked only for XR* instructions removed
Test bench tb0 modified to test CY clearance minimally (AC untested!)
Pre-generated vhel test bench tb0 altered accordingly
ja_rd 4511d 13h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
61 Basic demo updated: main entity name changed to keep synthesis too happy ja_rd 4880d 00h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
60 Fixed nasty typo in pin constraints file (clock input) ja_rd 4884d 05h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
59 tabs to spaces ja_rd 4908d 13h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
57 removed unfinished CPM demo files ja_rd 5093d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
55 Altair 4K Basic demo on DE-1 board ja_rd 5093d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
54 BUG FIX: XOR operations wre not clearing CY and ACY ja_rd 5093d 02h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
53 added interrupt for single-stepping
cleaned up comments a bit
ja_rd 5449d 03h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
50 interrupt test bench adapted to the fix in IE instruction ja_rd 5449d 03h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
49 fixed: IE now enables interrupts after a 1-instruction delay
(it was enabling interrupts immediately)
ja_rd 5449d 03h /light8080/trunk/vhdl
42 test bench 1 regenerated with new template
added a test for 'long' intr pulses
ja_rd 5449d 19h /light8080/trunk/vhdl

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