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121 Asserting svn:executable properties of modelsim/*.bat scripts.

Including corrected patch for advanced debug system watchpoints under utils/setup. Configure script updated to use this instead of advanced debug system patches. This will remain so until the patch is corrected. The previous line still has the correct command.
rfajardo 4117d 16h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/syn/xilinx/setup.bat
119 Tricking Subversion to accept bat files that are now executable. rfajardo 4117d 19h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/syn/xilinx/setup.bat
109 Creating a branche for release candidate 1.0. rfajardo 4118d 15h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/syn/xilinx/setup.bat
105 Updating configure scripts to copy Windows synthesis launch script setup.bat from either minsoc/syn/altera or minsoc/syn/xilinx to minsoc/syn. rfajardo 4119d 02h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/syn/xilinx/setup.bat
73 Makefile does not automatic clean anymore. In Windows rm -f leads to errors and abort synthesis.

minsoc/syn/setup.bat added. Asks for Xilinx settings32|64.bat script and completely implements MinSoC. On completion or error, it holds window open until user input ENTER.

minsoc/sim/modelsim/: *.bat holds window open until user input ENTER.
run_sim.bat asks for target firmware, check if it exists before running simulator. Holds window open and output error message if not found. Does not hold for simulator.
rfajardo 4287d 21h /minsoc/branches/rc-1.0/syn/xilinx/setup.bat

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