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120 ethmac.prj: a file was missing rfajardo 4599d 01h /minsoc/branches/verilator/
119 Tricking Subversion to accept bat files that are now executable. rfajardo 4599d 01h /minsoc/branches/verilator/
118 Configure scripts for Xilinx devices updated. All of them require to update or1200_defines.v. The non-standard part uses now the variable $BOARD to print that this board require non-standard update of files. rfajardo 4599d 02h /minsoc/branches/verilator/
117 spartan3e_starter_kit designs require DUALPORT from or1200_defines.v to be active instead of GENERIC. rfajardo 4599d 02h /minsoc/branches/verilator/
116 Configure scripts were trying to copy/patch projects files before creating them. Ordering is correct now. rfajardo 4599d 03h /minsoc/branches/verilator/
115 script dir aware. logging to script dir.
rfajardo 4599d 04h /minsoc/branches/verilator/
114 Installation and Configuration scripts can be run out of any directory.
They assume they are going to process the files and directories found in the directory they are run from.
rfajardo 4599d 04h /minsoc/branches/verilator/
113 &
-aware of location of script
-does not block on patch error

spartan3e_starter_kit & spartan3e_starter_kit_eth:
-or1200_defines.v updated

-src/blackboxes/or1200_top.v adjusted to or1200_rel1
-Makefile had a typo regarding altera vhdl files
rfajardo 4599d 04h /minsoc/branches/verilator/
112 Updating installation & configuration scripts. rfajardo 4599d 19h /minsoc/branches/verilator/
111 DIR_TO_INSTALL is required before using rfajardo 4599d 20h /minsoc/branches/verilator/

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