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93 Tag for Version 1.4 of The Modular Simulataneous Exponentiation Core. This version adds support for the AXI4-Lite bus interface. JonasDC 3944d 10h /mod_sim_exp/tags/Release_1.4
92 updated documentation with minor interrupt changes of AXI interface JonasDC 3944d 10h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
91 changed interrupt structure of AXI4-Lite interface. Now the interrupt has to be acknowledged by clearing the appropriate interrupt source flag in the control register. JonasDC 3946d 13h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
90 reverted changes from previous revision, updated AXI version with testbench JonasDC 3948d 04h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
89 updated vhdl files so now different clock frequencies are posible for the core and bus interface. JonasDC 4012d 02h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
88 small update on documentation, changed fault in axi control_reg JonasDC 4018d 03h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
87 updated documentation to version 1.4
core now supports the AXI4-Lite bus
JonasDC 4018d 04h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
86 update on previous JonasDC 4018d 04h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
85 changed so that reset now also affects slave register JonasDC 4018d 04h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
84 AXI-Lite interface updated, now tested and verified on Xilinx FPGA
renamed C_DEVICE parameter, because of conflicts with restricted parameter in xilinx XPS
JonasDC 4019d 12h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
83 now using values from mod_sim_exp_pkg instead of direct entity JonasDC 4021d 13h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
82 added first version of axi-lite interface and testbench for basic axi-lite operations, now under test JonasDC 4038d 09h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
81 updated files, now using the components of the mod_sim_exp_pkg instead of direct entity declaration JonasDC 4038d 09h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
78 updated documentation with new RAM style information JonasDC 4048d 03h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
77 found fault in code, now synthesizes normally JonasDC 4054d 01h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
76 testbench update JonasDC 4056d 12h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
75 made rw_address a vector of a fixed width JonasDC 4056d 12h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
74 removed C_NR_OP and C_NR_M from the generic of mod_sim_exp_core and made them contstants, because currently no other values than 4 an 2 resp. are supported/can be implemented. JonasDC 4059d 08h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
73 updated plb interface, mem_style and device generics added JonasDC 4060d 07h /mod_sim_exp/trunk
72 deleted old resources JonasDC 4061d 07h /mod_sim_exp/trunk

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