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199 - lattice ice40up specific IMEM sizes up to 48kB possible (using up to 2 SPRAMs) zero_gravity 777d 11h /neo430/trunk/
198 reload of repo; see NEO430.pdf for changelog zero_gravity 780d 11h /neo430/trunk/
197 repo clean-up/reset zero_gravity 780d 11h /neo430/trunk/
196 see changelog in NEO430.pdf for details regarding this update zero_gravity 800d 10h /neo430/trunk/
195 - updated project - see documentary's changelog zero_gravity 807d 15h /neo430/trunk/
194 -> see changelog zero_gravity 825d 09h /neo430/trunk/
193 - fixed severe error in CPU control
- fixed bug in external interrupt controller
- see change log for other modifications
zero_gravity 827d 07h /neo430/trunk/
192 - updated performance data zero_gravity 832d 09h /neo430/trunk/
191 - added control fsm notes zero_gravity 832d 10h /neo430/trunk/
190 - faster instruction execution! (reduced average CPI by ~1 cycle) zero_gravity 832d 10h /neo430/trunk/
189 changed project's license from LGPL to '3-clause BSD' license zero_gravity 840d 16h /neo430/trunk/
188 - added function to print fixed-point numbers
- minor edits
zero_gravity 844d 08h /neo430/trunk/
187 - fixed error in makefiles (path to neo430 home)
- added simple readme for sw example projects
- minor edits
zero_gravity 870d 10h /neo430/trunk/
186 - updated trvis scripts
- minor rtl edits
zero_gravity 870d 13h /neo430/trunk/
185 - added travis ci infrastructure
- added lattice ice40up specific memory modules
- updated makefiles
- added ghdl support
zero_gravity 871d 07h /neo430/trunk/
184 - replaced CASe structure to prevent some EDA tools complaining (GHDL) about not locally static choices zero_gravity 872d 09h /neo430/trunk/
183 finally deprecated support of the DADD instruction zero_gravity 873d 09h /neo430/trunk/
182 - bootloader now uses SPI flash (e.g., the FPGA configuration memory) for image storage zero_gravity 874d 09h /neo430/trunk/
181 - added missing uart_get_baudrate function
- minor edits
zero_gravity 879d 16h /neo430/trunk/
180 fixed crash issue in bootloader when uploading programs larger than 16kB zero_gravity 881d 09h /neo430/trunk/

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