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114 Change ownership albert.watson 2289d 01h /s1_core/trunk/hdl/
113 S1_Core: Attempt to merge some long time changes Fab had on his backups. albert.watson 2595d 22h /s1_core/trunk/hdl/
111 albert.watson 4388d 19h /s1_core/trunk/hdl/
105 New directory structure. root 5576d 04h /s1_core/trunk/hdl/
103 Changed almost everything to make our boot code work. fafa1971 5673d 01h /trunk/hdl/
99 This bridge follows the rules stated in paragraph 6.8 of book "OpenSPARC Internals"
in order to stall all the threads while serving a single request.
fafa1971 5678d 15h /trunk/hdl/
98 Added stall/resume signals from bridge to SPARC Core. fafa1971 5678d 16h /trunk/hdl/
96 File lists with updated SPARC Core code. fafa1971 5693d 21h /trunk/hdl/
95 Files from OpenSPARCT1.1.6 with the SPU instance removed from the sparc.v top-level. fafa1971 5693d 21h /trunk/hdl/
94 Removed files with dependencies from the SPU. fafa1971 5693d 21h /trunk/hdl/
91 Filelists updated according to preprocessed files from OpenSPARC T1 1.6 fafa1971 5797d 15h /trunk/hdl/
90 Added newer files from OpenSPARC T1 1.6 preprocessed with "update_sparccore -ee" fafa1971 5797d 15h /trunk/hdl/
89 Removed files originated from OpenSPARC T1 Design 1.5 preprocessed with "update_sparccore -me" fafa1971 5797d 15h /trunk/hdl/
82 DC synthesis script modified according to the fabolous manual (RTFM...). fafa1971 5958d 22h /trunk/hdl/
81 Sorry, I made a mistake in the waveform of the clock! fafa1971 5959d 01h /trunk/hdl/
79 Relaxed timing, added flatten and hyerarchical report_area. fafa1971 5961d 21h /trunk/hdl/
75 Changed preprocessing for DC synthesis fafa1971 6061d 22h /trunk/hdl/
74 Updated filelists. fafa1971 6061d 22h /trunk/hdl/
73 New version of scripts for DC and to compile boot code fafa1971 6061d 23h /trunk/hdl/
58 These were only symbolic links to remember where such these things were defined fafa1971 6124d 14h /trunk/hdl/

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