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114 Change ownership albert.watson 2297d 02h /s1_core/trunk/tests/
113 S1_Core: Attempt to merge some long time changes Fab had on his backups. albert.watson 2603d 23h /s1_core/trunk/tests/
112 Slightly improved version of boot code as outlined by Emanuele Luzzu. albert.watson 4282d 16h /s1_core/trunk/tests/
105 New directory structure. root 5584d 05h /s1_core/trunk/tests/
104 File no longer in use fafa1971 5681d 00h /trunk/tests/
103 Changed almost everything to make our boot code work. fafa1971 5681d 02h /trunk/tests/
102 This version correctly initializes the SPARC Core and then jumps at address 0x144000 on Bank 0. fafa1971 5681d 17h /trunk/tests/
88 After one year found time to translate Giovanni Di Blasi's comments to boot code! fafa1971 5807d 18h /trunk/tests/
87 Corrected comment delimiter. fafa1971 5934d 04h /trunk/tests/
77 Now includes comments (in Italian!) fafa1971 6054d 21h /trunk/tests/
73 New version of scripts for DC and to compile boot code fafa1971 6070d 00h /trunk/tests/
37 Memory image coming from the new boot.s fafa1971 6288d 11h /trunk/tests/
36 Working boot code!!! fafa1971 6288d 11h /trunk/tests/
35 Fixed Assembly comments ("//" had to become "!!"). fafa1971 6288d 12h /trunk/tests/
34 This file is useless. fafa1971 6297d 20h /trunk/tests/
33 Added inclusion of defines.h in boot.s fafa1971 6298d 11h /trunk/tests/
32 First version of cutdown boot code for SPARC V9. fafa1971 6298d 12h /trunk/tests/
28 Before it was empty (getting NOPs by default), now it is the same as the one in
the official OpenSPARC T1 verification environment (mem_RED_EXT_SEC.image_ORIGINAL)
and I just had to remove 8 stores to Interrupt Queues Registers.
fafa1971 6298d 14h /trunk/tests/
8 First release. fafa1971 6380d 12h /trunk/tests/
7 First version. fafa1971 6380d 12h /trunk/tests/

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