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54 Updated specification, to match repository dgisselq 2251d 12h /s6soc/trunk/doc/src/
50 8-b branch changes, main directory dgisselq 2270d 12h /s6soc/trunk/doc/src/
41 Version 0.3 of the draft spec. This includes a description of the ZipOS,
the various files, how the pinouts support the PMods, and so forth. A *big*
dgisselq 2560d 09h /s6soc/trunk/doc/src/
40 Added in internal document links, so you can click on contents items
(for example), and go directly to the referenced section.
dgisselq 2563d 10h /s6soc/trunk/doc/src/
37 Fixed the problem with the clock running too slow. dgisselq 2567d 01h /s6soc/trunk/doc/src/
36 Many updates to the SPEC, although it's still by no means complete. dgisselq 2569d 01h /s6soc/trunk/doc/src/
18 Added a picture of the device pinouts to the specification. dgisselq 2577d 12h /s6soc/trunk/doc/src/
7 Created/added an initial specification. Updated/corrected several copywrite
dgisselq 2590d 17h /s6soc/trunk/doc/src/

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