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52 Latest S/W changes to both the host and ZipOS software dgisselq 2077d 07h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host
48 Added missing sw/host and sw/zipos files dgisselq 2096d 07h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host
45 S6SoC 8-bit support dgisselq 2096d 08h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host
38 Updated the documentation. dgisselq 2391d 22h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host
26 Modified to be able to handle different load from virtual addresses. This
enables the bootloader capability.
dgisselq 2399d 08h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host
19 Addition of dumpuart.cpp to dump the UART transactions to a FILE (method of
debugging the board). FLASHDRVR and ZIPLOAD were also updated to handle
loading ELF files where the code is longer than a single block.
dgisselq 2403d 07h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host
14 Modified the loader so that it will load even if there are RAM variables
in the load, just as long as they aren't anything but zero. (The startup code,
however, doesn't clear memory to match--so be sure to initialize all variables.)
dgisselq 2409d 00h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host
12 The UART and PWM audio now work. This includes the changes to make that
happen, as well as the source code for some UART and PWM demo programs.
dgisselq 2409d 22h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host
11 Runs on hardware now! Added proper pinouts, pipelined wishbone command
interface sufficient for loading the flash, a loader to load the flash,
and verified that they work.
dgisselq 2410d 20h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host
8 First pseudo-running version. The alternate configuration (not the main one)
has been initially tested. wbregs works for reading/writing registers,
so it is now possible to test the peripherals.
dgisselq 2415d 21h /s6soc/trunk/sw/host

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