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52 Latest S/W changes to both the host and ZipOS software dgisselq 2644d 02h /s6soc/trunk/sw/zipos/kernel.c
45 S6SoC 8-bit support dgisselq 2663d 03h /s6soc/trunk/sw/zipos/kernel.c
44 Made adjustments so that the s/w now matches it's specification document,
as it should've been.
dgisselq 2953d 00h /s6soc/trunk/sw/zipos/kernel.c
37 Fixed the problem with the clock running too slow. dgisselq 2959d 15h /s6soc/trunk/sw/zipos/kernel.c
29 A first capability for setting time, dawn, and dusk values using the keypad.
At this point, I now have a minimal capability for actually accomplishing
the entire task. It's not very robust, but if you get lucky it'll work.
dgisselq 2961d 16h /s6soc/trunk/sw/zipos/kernel.c
27 Added a bootloader capability so that pieces of the program may be immediately
loaded into RAM. Further, the custom linker script, cmodram.ld, has been
added to dispatch object files to either FLASH or RAM. Finally, for those
items that were headed to RAM, their support files have been split between
RAM and FLASH code: kernel.c/ksetup.c, syspipe.c/pipesetup.c, etc.
dgisselq 2966d 03h /s6soc/trunk/sw/zipos/kernel.c
22 Initial version of the ZipOS operating system construct(s). dgisselq 2970d 01h /s6soc/trunk/sw/zipos/kernel.c

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