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18 v2.02.0122: Fixed bug SLAVE Continuous Transfer.
The fix consists in engaging continuous transfer regardless of the user strobing write enable, and sequencing from state 1 to N as long as the master clock is present.
If the user does not write new data, the last data word is repeated.
jdoin 4668d 15h /spi_master_slave/trunk/doc/
15 Updated manual text. jdoin 4673d 12h /spi_master_slave/trunk/doc/
14 Updated specifications manual, deleted old documentation stuff, changed minor text errors in the code. jdoin 4674d 10h /spi_master_slave/trunk/doc/
7 Updated code comments in VHDL files, added readme.txt files, updated work-in-progress version of the .doc core specification manual. jdoin 4695d 08h /spi_master_slave/trunk/doc/
5 Changed clocking to use a single high-speed clock for the whole core, using clock enables to control slower timing.
Added SPI line clock divider from high-speed system clock.
Added pipeline delay logic to sync phase of SCK and MOSI, enabling very high operating frequencies.
Verified in silicon for SCK and MOSI at 50MHz, with very robust operation.
jdoin 4697d 06h /spi_master_slave/trunk/doc/
4 v0.97.0068 - streamlined resets and clock enables to reduce area
v0.97.0075 - redesigned parallel interfaces, with pipelined data transport for async clock domains
v0.97.0083 - fixed bug "CPHA effect": redesigned SCK output circuit
v0.97.0086 - removed master MISO input register: got 33MHz.
jdoin 4722d 06h /spi_master_slave/trunk/doc/
2 v0.95.0050 - Master/Slave loopback verified at 25MHz. jdoin 4739d 09h /spi_master_slave/trunk/doc/

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