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28 Fix problem with continuous packet transmission in ARP RX layer. adrianf0 3839d 21h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
24 Fix problem with continuous pkt rx - contributed by Adrian, CERN pjf 3901d 03h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
22 fix handling of short frame in UDP_RX. Previously such an error would cause the first octet in the next frame to be discarded. pjf 3988d 19h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
18 Contributions from Tim Brooks: Fixes to ARP to allow comms with nodes not in the local network + minor fixes. pjf 4073d 01h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
17 Fix to "possible bug" raised 22.sep.2012
udp_tx_data_out_ready is now made dependent on ip_tx_data_out_ready in SEND_USER_DATA state.
pjf 4222d 04h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
16 Fix to UDP_TX - was assigning incorrect value to UDP TX Result in error condition. pjf 4222d 21h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
15 Added mac_layer_v2_1 core and readme notes pjf 4338d 18h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
14 Removed incorrectly added core and replaced with correct one. pjf 4339d 18h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
13 Added XCO file for Xilinx Ethernet MAC pjf 4339d 18h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
10 Committed changes, adding ARPV2 with multislot ARP cache pjf 4396d 23h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
8 V1.3 - ARP timeout and ARP cache reset control pjf 4410d 05h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
6 Changes to implement handling of IP broadcast address on TX and RX. pjf 4418d 21h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
4 Added mac_tx_tfirst output to assist coupling to MAC layers that require a start of frame indication. pjf 4432d 19h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/
2 initial checkin pjf 4573d 05h /udp_ip_stack/tags/v2.4/rtl/vhdl/

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