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160 Logic updates, and bug fix corrections to bring this in line with the current
XuLA2-LX25 SoC version. (i.e., the XuLA version was debugged and improved,
this update pushes those improvements to the mainline.)
dgisselq 2297d 10h /zipcpu
159 Now supports building a simulator that can load ELF files, such as GCC and/or
binutils will produce.
dgisselq 2297d 10h /zipcpu
158 Now automatically builds the toolchain by default. dgisselq 2297d 10h /zipcpu
157 Added the divide unit to the list of ZipCPU dependencies. dgisselq 2297d 10h /zipcpu
156 Fixed a compiler warning for an unused result. dgisselq 2297d 10h /zipcpu
155 Improved debug trace quality, for finding bugs after the fact. dgisselq 2297d 10h /zipcpu
154 Added timing checks on the busy and valid signals: either one of the two is
valid, or the whole is idle.
dgisselq 2297d 10h /zipcpu
153 Adds internal link functionality to the specification document format. dgisselq 2297d 10h /zipcpu
152 Updated to match the new/updated multiply instructions. Of course, this is
still hand optimized and not compiled--so it's not really a true and proper
test (yet), but ... it's what I have.
dgisselq 2330d 08h /zipcpu
151 Minor formatting change. dgisselq 2330d 08h /zipcpu
150 Minor changes. dgisselq 2330d 08h /zipcpu
149 Updated the Makefile documentation and the all target. dgisselq 2330d 08h /zipcpu
148 Minor changes to get LONG_MPY working, and adjust the documentation. dgisselq 2330d 08h /zipcpu
147 Cleans up div_tb a bit, causing it to write SUCCESS out if successful and
abort if not.
dgisselq 2330d 08h /zipcpu
146 Fixes a problem where the assembler complained the compiler was trying to
move .org backwards. This is now fixed.
dgisselq 2330d 08h /zipcpu
145 This fixes the pipelined memory problem that was introduced a while back to
fix ... pipelined memory conflicts. This appears to maintain the success
of the fix, while recovering the pipeline memory performance that was had
dgisselq 2330d 08h /zipcpu
144 Makes the auto-reload capability a configuration option, and fills out the
reset so that it is properly implemented.
dgisselq 2330d 09h /zipcpu
143 This section belatedly adjusts the zasm assembler so that it can handle
the LONG_MPY changes that have taken place. However, the test.S assembler
test script is still not properly testing the multiplies--at least it will
succeed on everything else.
dgisselq 2330d 09h /zipcpu
142 Bug fix--fixes some problems with conditional execution, as well as removing
an unnecessary peephole optimization.
dgisselq 2331d 09h /zipcpu
141 Fixes two bugs: one causing merged strings in the read only string section to
be referenced at the wrong address, and the second which caused the assembler
to fail at SYMBOL-OFFSET references.
dgisselq 2331d 09h /zipcpu

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