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209 8b bytes, + formal verification throughout + dcache dgisselq 1410d 01h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
202 Additional ZipCPU changes associated w 8b upgrade dgisselq 2149d 09h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
197 Added a new multiply testbench. Other changes were necessary to follow. dgisselq 2275d 10h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
185 Now includes the proper flags for building with ELF executable file support. dgisselq 2324d 08h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
159 Now supports building a simulator that can load ELF files, such as GCC and/or
binutils will produce.
dgisselq 2417d 04h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
149 Updated the Makefile documentation and the all target. dgisselq 2450d 03h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
76 The biggest change here was to zippy_tb, to make it more similar to the debugger
and to make it work with VLIW-type instructions.
dgisselq 2586d 08h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
69 This implements the "new Instruction Set" architecture for the Zip CPU. It's
a massive change set, that touches just about everything but probably not
enough of everything. Please see the spec.pdf for a description of this
new architecture.
dgisselq 2592d 13h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
58 Added a rudimentary profiling support to the simulator. dgisselq 2653d 13h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
43 Minor edits to the C++ testbench. dgisselq 2673d 07h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
39 Here's the documentation update to support the pipelined read/writes of
the bus from the CPU, as well as the test file that proved they worked.
dgisselq 2676d 10h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
36 *Lots* of changes to increase processing speed and remove pipeline stalls.

Removed the useless flash cache, replacing it with a proper DMA controller.

"make test" in the main directory now runs a test program in Verilator and
reports on the results.
dgisselq 2685d 16h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
27 The big change to the test bench code in this directory is the support for
non-interactive operation. The test bench will now run in non-interactive
mode until either the CPU HALT's or executes a BUSY instruction. A 'HALT'
is deemed a test success, whereas a BUSY is deemed a test failure.

A usage() statement now informs the user what commands are available while
running the test bench interactively. (It looks a lot like the debugger looks
like, should you manage to get that up and running.)

The make file now also supports interactive and non-interactive testing via
the 'make itest' and 'make test' targets respectively.
dgisselq 2715d 03h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile
2 An initial load. No promises of what works or not, but this is where the
project is at.
dgisselq 2741d 07h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp/Makefile

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