INIR doesn't loop

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Type :: BUG
Status :: CLOSED
Assigned to :: nobody

INIR instruction acts like INI. But it should repeat IN instruction till B=0.


Devic, Goran Jan 8, 2016
This is now fixed.

The issue was that those 2 instruction types would use the same condition as other repeat instructions (ldir, cpir) which was wrong since inir/otir should not use a signal that BC==1 from the address (de)incrementer but only ZF==1.

I added a new condition macro just for inir/otir and
re-run the same manual asm tests using GENS and MONS which now pass as expected.
Devic, Goran Jan 8, 2016
Project has been updated with a fix for this issue.
, Dec 16, 2015
OTIR instruction is also affected.

I didn't check INDR and OTDR, but i think they are affected too.

All 4 instructions are well documented.

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