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Type :: BUG
Status :: CLOSED
Assigned to :: nobody

Have been unable to make interrupt acknowledge work.

interrupt mode 2 set.

monitoring IORQ and M1 not happening at the same time.


Collecott, Ian Mar 24, 2018
Please accept my apologies, I have been doing further work and found that some how one or more of the a-z80 files was corrupted.
I downloaded another copy and used that and everything now works OK.
Collecott, Ian Mar 24, 2018
I have installed your z80 cpu on a DE0 nano.
It works fine and I am very impressed with it, I have been experimenting with interrupts and have found that the NMI works fine, But when I try the other interrupts the Interrupt acknoledge response M1 and IORQ both going low together doesn't happen.
Devic, Goran Mar 13, 2018
Do you have a failing sequence of signals / events / code to reproduce the issue? Thanks
Collecott, Ian Mar 12, 2018
It is possible that the interrupt mechanism is not being enabled

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