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Filling a Big Part
by CraigA on Dec 13, 2019
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Hi There,
I'm looking for some insight on what the "largest" OpenCores design might be. I'm doing some work to understand the state of FPGA fitting tools for big parts and would like to get a big, non-biased design to work with. Prefer Verilog, but VHDL is fine too.
RE: Filling a Big Part
by robfinch on Dec 15, 2019
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FT64 is a good size 60,000+ LC's. Just replicate to fill the FPGA. It's under the Thor superscalar project. Another project that's a good size is the OrGFX (video)core, it's about 10,000 LUTs. One could take just about any core and replicate it using generate statements in Verilog to fill an FPGA.
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