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OR1200 cores in Samsung DTVs
by ablj on Nov 29, 2011
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Little known fact, I hope you find it interesting.
For some time now, Samsung is using OpenRISC cores in their DTV System-on-Chips. In particular:
- SDP83 (B-Series, all 2009 models with T-CH* firmware versions)
- SDP92 (C-Series, 2010, T-VAL*)
- SDP1001, SDP1002 (D-Series, 2011, T-GA*)

Apparently there are two OR1200 cores embedded in each SoC/ASIC, in the following subsystems:
1) MFD (Multi Format Decoder)
2) TSD/PVR (Transport Stream Demultiplexer).

Verilog RTL code release is downloadable from Samsung Open Source Release Center ( -> TV & VIDEO -> TV > DTV -> ETC ->
RE: OR1200 cores in Samsung DTVs
by ocadmin on Nov 29, 2011
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That's very cool.
Many more companies are using it, so let hope that more companies will announce it!

They would get big applause from us by doing it!

Sending BIG applause to Samsung right now, good decision :-)
RE: OR1200 cores in Samsung DTVs
by julius on Nov 29, 2011
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Thanks for pointing this out. They only released this a few weeks ago it looks like (files are dated 18th November).

It's a nice little OR1200 implementation - no MMUs, QMEM or store buffer. Looks like it was based on some older source, too, before a lot of the work prior to 2009 (is my guess, not confirmed.)

I'd be interested to know the level of verification on this guy. Unfortunately it's hard to diff against the source because they've reformatted it, but all of the signals remain named the same (all defines have had _MFD appended, however.)

I might give it a synthesis run at some point to see if they addressed any of the critical paths. With the MMUs out of the question it might be a little quicker.

Thanks again for the heads up.
RE: OR1200 cores in Samsung DTVs
by jeremybennett on Nov 30, 2011
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Hi ablj

That is interesting news. I've updated the OpenRISC page on Wikipedia to add this reference (


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