10/100M Ethernet-FIFO convertor

Dec 13, 2009Update TxModule.v RxModule.v and common.v, which save much more resourcesrenyan, gu
Dec 13, 2009Update the resource consumed by the IP core, measured under Quartus 9.0renyan, gu
Dec 6, 2009Implemented the RxModule with RAM instead of register, which greatly reduced the register consumptions; fixed the loose-frame bug of TxModulerenyan, gu
Oct 10, 2009version 0.4, provide the method to adjust the delay between RX and TXrenyan, gu
Oct 6, 2009version 0.3 correct some errors, add a new file common.v and add a new mode for frameIDrenyan, gu
Sep 26, 2009upload project files through SVN and finished the specificationrenyan, gu
Sep 24, 2009updata the descriptionrenyan, gu
Sep 17, 2009updata the descriptionrenyan, gu