Advanced Debug System

Dec 30, 2011Released version 3.0. Autotools support. High-speed DLC9 support. Non-priviledged parallel port access. Altera ByteBlasterII support. Bugfixes and minor speed improvements.Yawn, Nathan
Sep 1, 2011Reported successful test of actel_ujtag TAP.Yawn, Nathan
Nov 4, 2010Promoted alternate USB-Blaster driver to full / regular status as 'ft245'. Added high-speed support to ft245. Added schemes to limit max. clock rate for parallel cables. Refactored cable driver initialization in adv_jtag_bridge.Yawn, Nathan
Sep 1, 2010Major feature additon: Added support for OR1200 hardware watchpoints, including a hardware patch for the OR1200v1 and a client GUI program, AdvancedWatchpointControl. Added a new top-level Patches directory for patches to third-party code. Added FreeBSD support to adv_jtag_bridge (contributed by Wojciech Koszek).Yawn, Nathan
Apr 13, 2010Added status info on newly tested system configurationYawn, Nathan
Mar 31, 2010Released version 2.5.0 of the Advanced Debug System. This version includes a JTAG serial port feature, experimental support for the Actel UJTAG TAP, and more speed improvements for USB JTAG cables - USBBlaster users should now see upload speeds in the range of 30k/sec.Yawn, Nathan
Jan 18, 2010Version 2.0 committed to SVN, order-of-magnitude speed improvement for some USB JTAG cablesYawn, Nathan
Nov 13, 2009Updated project page to reflect tested configurationsYawn, Nathan