* Amber ARM-compatible core

Apr 6, 2015Added link to A23 Forum pageSantifort, Conor
May 21, 2013Added system diagramSantifort, Conor
May 4, 2013Added Nuser guide documentSantifort, Conor
May 2, 2013Updated build scripts to support Xilinx ISE 14.5 with ISimSantifort, Conor
May 30, 2011Updated DMIPs figuresSantifort, Conor
Feb 19, 2011Amber 25, a 5-stage core, added to project.Santifort, Conor
Feb 1, 2011Updated linux boot listingSantifort, Conor
Feb 1, 2011Added listing showing Linux bootingSantifort, Conor
Jan 23, 2011Added diagram of pipelineSantifort, Conor
Jan 20, 2011Added quick start instructionsSantifort, Conor
Jan 19, 2011Updated from beta to stableSantifort, Conor
Jan 19, 2011Updated description of coreSantifort, Conor
Jan 19, 2011Updated pictureSantifort, Conor
Jan 8, 2011Updated core descriptionSantifort, Conor
Jan 3, 2011Added screengrab of topSantifort, Conor
Jan 1, 2011Project description addedSantifort, Conor