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Open Muthamizh opened this issue about 4 years ago
Muthamizh commented about 4 years ago

We are using this rtl for the integration between APB and I2C protocols. The base test is running successfully. We are now checking only the APB connections with DUT. So there will not be any data coming from I2C. In that case, the value of PRDATA is supposed to remain 0. But it shows x in the waveform when I2C slave is not connected, which is something to be checked out. We have an assertion for checking this in our APB VIP, where it shows assertion error. We kindly request you to look into this issue and help us out. Awaiting your response.

Thank you

redbear commented about 4 years ago

hi there !!!!! i need notice you i have been long time i dont touch in source code and i dont remember all. But you need to know this code still incomplete. i had/have some ideas but the major problem now is time and money to do this. if you have some suggestion or want to contribute i could consider some CV or help to develop.

I moved many things to here

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