Mar 20, 2023I just try update i2C here on open cores but he says i lost credentials thing. Well at least i try updated here. fernandes, felipe
Nov 7, 2018Update description.fernandes, felipe
Apr 25, 2014hello people, due to various personal and with my other colleagues who have given up on the way problems. I still need to change some things in the documentation to talk about its new features but what I can say is that now we have a register of time as we are trying to send messages out of the chip and enable signals for the SDA and SCL pads. Now appreciate everyone's patience.fernandes, felipe
Jan 23, 2014New Description on site about block and a initial work project on svn + specfernandes, felipe
Jan 20, 2014We are working on RTL for while and planing about Build documentation and verification plan. fernandes, felipe