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Baud Rate Prescaler off by 2x #33
Open flirchuck opened this issue almost 8 years ago
flirchuck commented almost 8 years ago

Assuming this module should match the register settings of the SJA1000, the BRP controls are off by a factor of 2. Modified line 257 of can_btl.v to correct.

just remove the <<1 was assign preset_cnt = (baud_r_presc + 1'b1)<<1; // (BRP+1)*2 fix assign preset_cnt = (baud_r_presc + 1'b1); // (BRP+1)

flirchuck commented almost 8 years ago

I'm still having problems pasting code changes in my posts. The change I made was to remove the shift left by 1 operation from line 257. This doubles the output frequency, making it match the SJA1000.

flirchuck commented over 7 years ago

On further review - this was correct to begin with - sorry for the false report. I was not interpreting the registers correctly.

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