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Simplify code #36
Open bareil76 opened this issue about 7 years ago
bareil76 commented about 7 years ago

You should not try to mimic the AN97076 interface as this makes everything more complex. In an FPGA you have advantages compared to a MCU, you should use them. Having to configure multiple wishbone register to send a single frame is a pain when implemented in a real system.

Do the same for the acceptance filter/maks and it will remove the need for long and error prone sentences things like that: wire we_tx_data_6 = cs & we & (~reset_mode) & ((~extended_mode) & (addr == 8'd16) | extended_mode & (addr == 8'd22)) & transmit_buffer_status;

Here is what I would do.

1) Use a single register that can be directly accesssed from can_top for the whole identifier 36bit or 19bit. Let the user of the can_top module make is own register and place them using concanetation is easy

2) It will remove odd problems like the need to reverse order the tx_data_4 register. ( using r_tx_data_47:3 instead of r_tx_data_44:0 fix this problem too )

3) Use standard state machines. The state machine that you have in can_bsp is difficult to follow.

Doing all this will render the code more readable, reduce the number of inputs/ouputs considerably and simplify use.

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