Ethernet Switch on Configurable Logic

Jun 8, 2018OC-team: Trying to assess the status of this project.Admin, OpenCores
Jul 5, 2014Design documentation is now complete with a detailed description of the units and a roadmap. Now it is time to start with the items on the roadmap, check the priority of the upcoming features and let it know when a feature is missing or when a feature requires a higher priority for your development schedule.M,B
May 5, 2014Design documentation available in repository with details about (1) project structure and configuration, (2) registers of ESoCL, (3) test bench environment and (4) test scripts. Next step is improving design documentation, adding design information and roadmap. Expectd date of next release of design document week 22.M,B
Apr 19, 2014The SVN Repository can be used to get the first set of documentation, the source code and the simulation environment. Next step is the first release of the design documentation with details about setting up your environment for simulation, overview of all available simulation scripts and references and how to run a simulation. Second release of the design documentation shall include details about the design itself. Expected date of first release is week 18.M,B
Apr 11, 2014Setting up the page for the Ethernet Switch on Configurable Logic (ESoCL). Source code and first set of documentation will be ready in week 16.M,B