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Transmit when r_TxEn=0 #1
Open ocghost opened this issue almost 18 years ago
ocghost commented almost 18 years ago

After a list of frames is transmitted, all BDs are marked as not ready and the MAC is disabled (r_TxEn=0), a frame is transmitted when the TX BDs are reinitialised (ready=1). This is because the "TxEn_needed" signal stays '1' when r_TxEn is set to '0'.

I suggest to modify the process the following way (add " | ~r_TxEn" in the second "else if"):

always @ (posedge WB_CLK_I or posedge Reset) begin if(Reset) TxEn_needed <=#Tp 1'b0; else if(~TxBDReady & r_TxEn & WbEn & ~WbEn_q) TxEn_needed <=#Tp 1'b1; else if((TxPointerRead & TxEn & TxEn_q) | ~r_TxEn) TxEn_needed <=#Tp 1'b0; end

What do you think about this?

best regards

Christoph Glattfelder

Zurich University of Applied Sciences Winterthur, Switzerland

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