* Ethernet MAC 10/100 Mbps

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Testbench Failed in Half-Duplex Issues with ModelSim #7
Open timme opened this issue over 16 years ago
timme commented over 16 years ago

Everyone of Half-Duplex tests is reported failed, either with some MIIM issues. I've tryed different versions of ModelSims(5.6,6.1b,6.2b). Had anyone encountered something like this pls don't hesitate to give me a help. Thanks a lot.

The whole content of the Log file generated is here:


olof commented almost 13 years ago

The links to the logs are not valid anymore. I'm having some half-duplex issues too with Icarus Verilog. Unfortunately I gave no modelsim license, so it would be intersting to see your logs

njuqdhk commented almost 11 years ago

Hi,recently I am doing a project about the ethmac.I have the same problem.Have you sloved it?Thank you!

peio commented almost 2 years ago

Repeated with #12 bug.

The simulator enters into a loop and reach iteration limit. Solution: add a #1; delay in task set_tx_packet, line 22884 in tb_ethernet.v file.

After: sd = sd + 4;

add: #1;

No one