Fade - Light L3 Ethernet protocol for transmission of data from FPGA to embedded PC

Sep 11, 2015Added reference to the paper describing the new versionZabolotny, Wojciech
Oct 5, 2014The rewritten, simplified version of the protocol for 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s links has been published, possibility to send user defined commands to the FPGA has been added.Zabolotny, Wojciech
Sep 21, 2014Added preliminary, experimental version of core working with the 10Gb/s link on KC705 boardZabolotny, Wojciech
Oct 29, 2013Added link to the new article describing the projectZabolotny, Wojciech
May 20, 2013Added information about new version of core, which doesn't use the OpenCores MAC coreZabolotny, Wojciech
Dec 14, 2012Updated description of the projectZabolotny, Wojciech
Dec 14, 2012updated status of the projectZabolotny, Wojciech