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Multiple Devices #1
Open dnewcomb opened this issue almost 11 years ago
dnewcomb commented almost 11 years ago

Thanks for making the core. This is just some feedback. I am using multiple devices. The i2c slave core works ok by itself. However, I have a large amount of other traffic on the i2c bus, and the i2c slave begins malfunctioning when I allow other i2c traffic. Currently, I have to hold the i2c slave core in reset when I'm not using it for it to work. I have not done any serious troubleshooting to see exactly why/when/where it fails...

sriharsha.suresh commented over 6 years ago

Even I found the same problem when I tried to access I2c slave core running in my FPGA. The master (Processor) which is hosting, has the single I2C bus shared between two I2C devices and I have connected the FPGA as a slave on the same bus.

When the master broadcasts the address ranging from 0x3 to 0x77, only my device is getting recognized which has a slave address of 0x33. All the other devices are not visible from the master end.

Please, someone help in solving out this issue.

No one