Nov 10, 2014corrected minor errors in documentationMorris, Michael A
Sep 2, 2014Corrected typo in the project descriptionMorris, Michael A
Apr 20, 2014Notification of tool set compatibilityMorris, Michael A
Mar 1, 2014Updated project description.Morris, Michael A
Nov 3, 2013Continuing update - refreshed Synthesis/PAR Summary Results tables after re-verifying that M16C5x operates as expected at 58.9824 MHz with a data stream at 921.6 kbps.Morris, Michael A
Nov 3, 2013Made some syntactical/grammatical corrections to the project description.Morris, Michael A
Nov 2, 2013Creating project files after initial approval.Morris, Michael A
Nov 2, 2013Initial update of project filesMorris, Michael A