Model of hybrid classical-quantum computing method

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Created: Feb 14, 2020
Updated: Sep 8, 2023
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My concept for next-generation computing, developed in February 2019 and published at, involves changes and improvements to three fundamental logic gates, namely AND, OR, and NOT, to overcome the limitations of Moore's law encountered by semiconductor manufactures. I am considering starting my project to further develop my concept. My concept may be unconventional and not as well prepared because my idea is new and my knowledge is currently limited. Therefore, I need to expand this idea with the help of experts in the field to determine whether it is worth developing further. The project has two parts.

1) Feasible technical approach - This approach aims to implement the proposed logic gates in hardware using existing semiconductor technology in collaboration with semiconductor manufacturers. Please refer to the appendix in the linked PDF document.

2) Binary quantum computing approach - This approach aims to implement the qubit in quantum computing using a binary bit based on the proposed logic gates. Collaboration with institutions or companies studying quantum computing is possible.