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Graphic mode display text issue #3
Closed cqenter opened this issue almost 3 years ago
cqenter commented almost 3 years ago

My DE-115 Borad,download NEXT168 Fireware,install follow software, .MSDOS6.22 .Turbo C 2.0 Use TC20 and load BGIDEMO.c,Compile this file and run it in Graphic mode,first page some text display random code? I check the code when use gprintf(&x,&y,"XXXXXX...",xx,yy) ,appear this issue.

ndumitrache commented almost 3 years ago

You will need the latest BIOS, as the one you have does not contain the required raster fonts. I will provide it with the next versions. Or you may use TrueType fonts, which do not need BIOS.

ndumitrache closed this over 2 years ago

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