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Comment mismatch in constant declarations #3
Closed khays opened this issue about 11 years ago
khays commented about 11 years ago

The hexadecimal values in the comments at the ends of the following lines (lines 136 and 137 in the current Open8.vhd) do not reflect the declared binary values:

constant ALU_UPP2 : OPCODE_TYPE := "10010"; -- x"11" constant ALU_RFLG : OPCODE_TYPE := "10011"; -- x"12"

The lines should be:

constant ALU_UPP2 : OPCODE_TYPE := "10010"; -- x"12" constant ALU_RFLG : OPCODE_TYPE := "10011"; -- x"13"

This does not result in a bug, as the VHDL uses the binary values.

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