Mar 28, 2017Provided a github notice to the project, noting that the most current files are available on github.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 11, 2016Memory works now with a Xilinx Memory Interface Generator solution.Gisselquist, Dan
Sep 8, 2016Updating the project page to reflect that the memory interface is being rebuilt ... again.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 23, 2016Attempting to integrate the DDR3 SDRAM (again). Not successful (yet). Code checked in.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 13, 2016OpenArty can now reconfigure itself.Gisselquist, Dan
Aug 11, 2016The flash is now working.Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 25, 2016Starting to build the project page.Gisselquist, Dan