PCIe_mini (PCI-Express to Wishbone Bridge for Xilinx FPGAs)

Jan 10, 2017external contributor (Scott Cogan) improved on the feature set.Nagy, Istvan
Nov 14, 2011description update about series-7 FPGAsNagy, Istvan
Sep 8, 2011more info on test hardware added to the project descriptionNagy, Istvan
May 17, 2011project status is updated to stable, since the core was working.Nagy, Istvan
Apr 26, 2011Descrition and status update: v1.1 fixes bugs with 8/16-bit transactions and with consecutive single transactions.Nagy, Istvan
Apr 24, 2011spec update: WBCNagy, Istvan
Apr 24, 2011added description for new projectNagy, Istvan