May 12, 2020v1.3 - Updated private procedure to make check_datfile() get correct functionality with XSim.Larsson, Per
Apr 12, 2020v1.2 - Added check_binfile(), check_txtfile(), check_datfile(), and other new functions and procedures.Larsson, Per
Aug 15, 2018Added XSim to list of supported simulators.Larsson, Per
Aug 14, 2018v1.1 - Corrected handling of skipped tests.Larsson, Per
Jan 26, 2016v1.0 - minor corrections in specification_pltbutils.docx / .pdfLarsson, Per
Jan 3, 2016beta0004Larsson, Per
Nov 23, 2015beta0003 descriptionLarsson, Per
Nov 23, 2015beta0003Larsson, Per
Feb 2, 2015beta0002Larsson, Per
Apr 9, 2014beta0001: Addeed check() for string.Larsson, Per
Jan 13, 2014Alpha0007: More examples and templates.Larsson, Per
Jan 9, 2014Alpha0006: Replaced the shared variables and global signals used for control and status, to a normal and a normal signal. This makes pltbutils compatible with more VHDL simulators.Larsson, Per
Jan 5, 2014Alpha0005: Configurable status messages to suit various continous integration environments, e.g. TeamCity.Larsson, Per
Dec 3, 2013Alpha0004. See doc/release_note.txt .Larsson, Per
Dec 2, 2013Alpha0003 commited. See doc/release_note.txt .Larsson, Per
Nov 10, 2013Updated descriptionLarsson, Per
Sep 3, 2013Added code example under A quick lookLarsson, Per
Sep 2, 2013Updated project infoLarsson, Per
Sep 2, 2013Updated descriptionLarsson, Per
Apr 14, 2013Updated description.Larsson, Per