Quad SPI Flash Controller

Aug 11, 2016The New EQSPI version is now up and running.Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 25, 2016EQSPI flash controller passes initial testing, more thorough testing underway.Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 23, 2016EQSPI continues to be a work in progress.Gisselquist, Dan
Jul 21, 2016Adjusted the project page to indicate the coming EQSPI flash controller--which will also be a part of this project.Gisselquist, Dan
Nov 17, 2015The flash controller now has an option which can be used to generate a read only quad SPI flash module.Gisselquist, Dan
Jun 4, 2015Just a quick update to the project page so that it accurately describes the project. In particular, I've been writing to my quad SPI flash for some time in four bit mode without problems, and that code has been loaded on the site for some time as well.Gisselquist, Dan
May 15, 2015Here's a Quad SPI Flash controller for use with a wishbone bus. This is the initial release, although it has already been tested and proven using a Basys-3 development board from Digilent. The controller handles reads, erases, writes, and more.Gisselquist, Dan