Aug 19, 2009web page updateLaeuger, Arnim
Aug 17, 2007Release 3.2 (rev. C) of project files. This one fixes the reported bug "CMD55 assumed to be nonexistent for MMC" and adds support for selecting sets from the full memory range of the card.Laeuger, Arnim
Apr 16, 2005Release 3.1 (rev. C) of project files. This is just a documentation update against release 3.0.Laeuger, Arnim
Apr 14, 2005Release 3.0 (rev. C) of project files.Laeuger, Arnim
Apr 14, 2005The interface for ram_loader was enhanced by the new output detached_o. It indicates that the SPI output signals of the core are tri-stated.Laeuger, Arnim
Mar 14, 2005Release 2.0 (rev. B) of project files. Laeuger, Arnim
Feb 27, 2005Design documentation added.Laeuger, Arnim
Feb 20, 2005Release 1.0 (rev. A) of project files.Laeuger, Arnim
Feb 20, 2005Schematic rev. A added.Laeuger, Arnim
Feb 8, 2005Project startedjernejp