Simple Interruput Controller Core

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Name: spicc
Created: Mar 14, 2008
Updated: Mar 14, 2008
SVN Updated: Mar 10, 2009
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In order to add a better Programmble Interrupt Controller(PIC), I read a the datasheet of Intel8259.I find some of the functions in Intel8259 may not be used in a normal design,so I write this basic PIC core.I will write documents to tell the user how to get a use of this simple but powerful Programmble Interrupt Controller core.


- Eight-level priority controller.
- Individual request mask capability.
- Edge-triggered detection.
- Can be cascaded to allow more requests.
- Developed in Verilog-2001.
- WISHBONE interface commpitable.
- Very small and fast,using about 25 LES in 450MHZ in ALTERA cyclone device E- - --- EP16Q240-6.