SystemC/Verilog Random Number Generator

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Synthesized module is too slow. #1
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samurice commented over 11 years ago

First of all great thanks for your work, it was very usefull.

  1. I strongly recommend to change all "=" symbols to "<=" for significant speed up of synthesized module because of changing from asynchronous to synchronous operation mode. Example: I've tried to implement as it is in Xilinx Spartan3 and final max speed was 5.3 ns, so about 188MHz, and requested a lot of iterations of router (Xilinx ISE 9.2.04i). Then I make it synchronous and acheived 3.9ns, 256MHz with about only 5 iterations. I think it is a max speed not for you module, but for Spartan3.

  2. Also, I advice to make "reset" section of each register for correct simulation, synthes and implemented module operations. I've had some problems with initial values during simulations and in hardware too.

  3. If you are interested in my corrections I can send you this changes via e-mail. rng.v and top.v are fully tested in software. rng.v is fully operational and correct also in harware.


ankur.sangal commented over 10 years ago

please send ur code and wat would be the probability of repeating the numbers